A masterpiece of sukiya-zukuri architecture
overlooking the shores of the Hiji-kawa River
The Hiji-kawa River winds its way through the mountains before reaching the Ozu Basin.
In the calm breeze, the mirror-like river reflects brilliant greenery or autumn leaves, depending on the season.
This most scenic spot called Garyu-buchi was a favorite among the feudal lords in the days of the Ozu Clan.
Later, Torajiro Kouchi, who made a fortune in the Japanese wax trade, spent more than ten years building Garyu Sanso Villa at this location.
The villa, created to preserve the culture of tea ceremony, became a masterpiece of sukiya-zukuri, where the Japanese architectural beauty lives on.
Architectural beauty
Through careful selection of materials and ingenious conception paired with masterful craftsmanship, the villa took shape.
Light and shadows change with the time of day. Colors and fragrances change with the season. Use your five senses to fill your heart with quiet joy.
Tranquility and beauty
The villa, dressed
in four seasons
Be invited by the moss-covered garden of fresh green and feel the soft breath of spring in the tender ground beneath your feet.
Lower your eyes to find a single flower by surprise, the heart of hospitality that welcomes guests in. Hear the echo of chirping birds in the air.
Embrace the architecture that is in harmony with nature and feel the culture that has been flowing through the generations.
The villa was built to blend in with nature.
The bold structure rising from the bare rock resembles a boat heading out onto the clear Hiji-kawa River.
The light indigo currents have carried many things to this land.
That is what brought here the wisdom and skill of our ancestors to overcome the heat.
How vivid are the burning autumn leaves that catch your eye.
The sunlight falls softly from between the overlapping trees.
How pleasant it would be to sit and watch the countless techniques hidden among the transoms and shoji doors as they emerge with the setting sun.
The incessant snowfall brings tranquility to the villa.
With frosty white breath in the frigid cold that freezes the lungs the figure standing quietly still looks like an ink painting.
The serenity holds a core strength that has been nurtured over the seasons. In the villa where the past greets the present, engage in a dialogue with yourself.
Absorb the depth of Japan
Events and Notices

[ Hours of operation ]
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (enter by 4:30)
Open year-round

[ Admission ]
Adults: ¥550
Children (under 16): ¥220

Combination tickets (Garyu Sanso Villa and Ozu Castle)
Adults: ¥880
Children (under 16): ¥330

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